An Introduction

Peter Martin purchased A1 Caravans on the 1st of August 2017, together with his partner Heather Shields. Prior to purchasing the business both Heather and Peter had worked at A1 Caravans under the tutelage previous owner, Mick Flavel, Mick has been in the industry since the mid 1950’s and passed on to them much of his knowledge and his commitment to the caravan industry.

While they both readily acknowledge the value of what they learnt over the past 5 years, they both also realize that the caravan industry, like any business is continually evolving and changing and they are both committed to staying abreast of these changes.

Peter & Heather's History

Peter in particular has always had a passion for vehicles, regardless of their type size or function. On leaving school in 1963, Peter did a motor apprenticeship with a Ford dealership in New Zealand, during his time there he worked on cars, tractors and trucks.

In the mid 70’s he left the motor trade and went into food retailing and in the 1980’s was working for the the Food Training Institute of Queensland. It was while working in the food retailing industry that Peter met his partner, Heather. Heather shares Peter’s commitment to service change and ongoing improvement.

Both Peter and Heather have always been passionate about both sales & service, and it’s this passion that they want to bring to A1 Caravans. They intends to develop a culture of service and knowledge within the A1 team so that the difficult process of buying a caravan becomes an enjoyable and informative process.